Welcome to the Home of Stejic on the Web!!!

The current incarnation of the site you see here is really just a place holder for an even better site which hopefully will be coming soon! Yes, this site is under constuction like a lot of places in the web :-) Hey, what do you expect ... I just got this thing going a little while ago!

A few things do work however. I have a few domains registered and they all point to this site. They are: www.stejic.com, www.stejic.net, www.stejic.org, and stejic.dyndns.org.

The web based e-mail interface is working correctly and is accessable by linking here.

The com/net/org sites are the ones that will be used. I intend to remove stejic.dyndns.org after I get everything working the way I want.

This whole site is BADLY in need of redesign. The first step is having a better picture gallery. Hopefully the new gallery will help.

Image Galleries

OK ... So now for a little content. I have created four image galleries of pictures I've taken recently. I am working on getting old images scanned as well, so there should be more soon!

The images found in Iceland and Home Construction are at the tail end of my trip to Iceland in 2000 and pictures I took of my home in construction.

I didn't take any pictures for a while after that. The next series Ski Trip and God Parents Visit includes pictures I took on a ski trip to Utah with my brother as well as pictures during my God parents visit.

I also took pictures of my Parents Visit and Home Pictures that include various shots in and around my house.

The last set includes Home Interiors and Night in the Desert. I like the shots of the moon at night. Also, the last few shots were to finish off the roll. They includes images of my computer and some paintings I did. The white painting in the middle was the hardest to do ;-)

This is a set of pictures Chris Nelson took of our Q1 2001 quarterly team building event. I organized a horse back ride and dinner at the Don Donnelly Ranch and Stables east of Phoenix. I think the pictures speak for themselves :-)

I took this set of pictures at the downtown Chicago 2001 Fourth of July fireworks display with my friends Jim and Renu Gitzlaff. The crowds were astounding, but we braved them to enjoy the show. The evening was a lot of fun! Thanks Jim and Renu for making it possible.

So I decided to buy the model home. A few weeks ago I put these pictures up to get opinions on this house. Now I close on 26 April 2002. Some of the pictures are turned sideways. I was in a bit of a hurry :-)

I have created a set of picture galleries from my recent sabbatical. I will add verbage later to describe what all happened, but for now without further delay I give you my whirlwind tour of Asia and Europe. The Asian galleries are: Asia #1, Asia #2, Asia #3, and Asia #4. The European galleries are: Europe #1, Europe #2, Europe #3, and Europe #4.

Here are the pictures from the Q4 2002 ETM quarterly team building event. We decided to play Cricket and have a team picnic. I think the event was a hit ... pun intended ;-) The pictures speak for themselves :-)

Popular demand has finally forced action! The pictures in this gallery are from my Parents February 2003 Visit. The first pictures are two separate photo sessions in and around my house. These pictures are separated by a single picture Taken at Z Tejas ... yes, we all had steak ;-) The next bunch of pictures feature Bisbee, Arizona where we enjoyed a very nice day trip to include a visit to St. Stephan Nemanja Church. The final bunch of pictures include the first dinner on my new grill, desert flowers, and lunch at a very nice Thai restaurant in Scottsdale! :-)

Here are a few pictures from Steve Ledford's 2003 pig roast. Note that I said "few" pictures. There are only three that I took that night, and they mostly feature the pig :-)

This gallery features pictures from my Easter 2003 visit to my family in Wisconsin. The first three pictures were taken at home during Easter breakfast. Pictures 4-7 were taken at my Aunt's home during Easter lunch. The remaining pictures were taken at Whitnall park after lunch. My cousin and her husband bought a new Acura, and we took advantage of the afternoon to try it out :-)

Sycamore Canyon offers a beautiful hike called Parson's Trail. The trail follows along a clear desert stream. It made for a nice hike with a few intrepid travellers. There were fifteen hikers in all. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone. Thanks Steve for organizing this trip.

A Poem

My aunt had asked that I publish this poem on the internet some time when I had a good place to put it. It was written by my grand mother in 1937 or 1938 when my aunt was 18. The poem was dedicated to her.

Contact Information

Milan Stejic

3311 E. Ashurst Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85048

602-690-5812 (Cell)

mstejic@cox.net ... and just in case ... mstejic@tesla.net

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